Get together, play together and always remember.

About Magic Gatherers

Playing a game should be fun!

We believe that the experience of playing a physical game can be enhanced with technology. We would love to connect players with each other, so you can play anytime and anywhere you want.

For the past 20 years we have played magic the gathering with great pleasure, but sometimes we can't play because our friends aren't available and we don't know who plays mtg in our neighborhood.

Now we can use technology to solve this problem. Every game and tournament we played with friends only lives in our memory and we would love to look back at past results and really see the facts.

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Who are we?

Niek Houtepen

Niek Houtepen is a fanatic gamer for many, many years. He is a bit of a Munchkin. His love for strategic games started when his dad taught him how to play chess at the age of 4 and he is playing games ever since. In his youth he also designed quite a few board games himself and played it with his friends. He has been playing magic for over 20 years now, mainly drafts, sealed / pre release, constructed on a budget, commander and casual formats. He is a Facility manager, he makes everything run smooth, is a master deckbuilder. He really enjoys this journey and learning experience in creating this app for a game he loves. He really enjoys problem solving and working with Stefan and Dorus.

Stefan Hendriks

Stefan loves to code. Starting at a young age he wrote his own RTS game, created a bot for Counter-Strike and works as a professional full-stack developer for over a decade. All in all 20+ years experience in building stuff that make things fun. Besides code, Stefan loves to listen music. Play some instruments (piano and drums mostly). Enjoy nature while walking/cycling or simply play a bunch of games on his Playstation. His dream is to run an organization together with awesome people building solutions to make the world more fun and collaborative. Building The Magic Gatherers together with Niek and Dorus app is exactly such an expression and what he loves to do.

Dorus Verhoeckx

Dorus is a casual Mtg player and has played the game for 20 years. He has worked in the Software and Internet industry as a Developer, Architect, Manager, Coach and Consultant for 15 years. He loves brewing beer, building stuff and playing games. He started his own company recently after working for a top digital agency in the Netherlands for 10 years and is a co-creator and consultant. After building his prototype platform for MTG, that was based on a automated deck generator, he was looking to use his skills and experience to improve the playing and deckbuilding experience of MTG. So he started collaborating with Niek and Stefan to start the Magic Gatherers initiative

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